The need for additional housing and extending downtown Anchorage into Ship Creek has long been the goal of the Municipality of Anchorage.  This is now becoming a reality through the efforts of an all local team based in Anchorage.  The team made up of private developers, engineers, architects and builders has partnered with local government and the Alaska Railroad to bring this unique project to the Anchorage market.


Through years of coordinated master planning, the railroad and Municipality of Anchorage have long envisioned a community development approach that blends residential, recreational, industrial and business uses within the Ship- Creek Basin.  As the primary land owner in the area The Alaska Railroad is pleased to partner with Ship Creek Development in the creation of Anchorage’s newest mixed-use development project. 



Ship Creek Development, LLC is made up of a team of longtime Anchorage developers and builders that have partnered to bring the next major development to the Ship Creek redevelopment area.  Key members include Robert Petersen, Trevor Edmondson, Glenn Gellert and John McGrew.  The partnership brings the expertise of raw land development, housing and commercial construction to a complex project. 



The Petersen Group was founded in 1983 and soon became a sought-after custom home building company.  Since that start over 30 years ago, the company has built nearly 2800 homes, condominiums and apartments throughout Anchorage, Eagle River and Girdwood and is Alaska’s largest condominium developer.  Recent pursuits consist of the construction of mixed use and light commercial developments. 



lumen design is an award-winning architectural practice based in Anchorage, Alaska led by Petra Sattler-Smith. 
The studio seeks creative solutions that result in simple architecture. The design is based on a deep understanding of the social and economic contexts of clients, focusing on sustainable, responsible building design in the north.