The Rail, located at the intersection of West 2nd Ave.  & Christensen Drive is Anchorage’s newest mixed use project.  Situated on over 11 acres of Alaska Railroad land, the project will include luxury townhomes, apartment suites, retail/restaurant space, outdoor entertainment, hospitality venues, parks and trails connected to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.  Visitors and residents will be only steps away Ship Creek fishing, festivals, markets, local restaurants and stores.
This is truly a unique project for Anchorage.  An all local team based in Anchorage and made up of private developers, engineers, architects, builders and local government have partnered to bring this innovative project to the Anchorage market.   The Rail,  when completed along with other Ship Creek and Port of Anchorage redevelopment plans will compliment and expand on the existing downtown Anchorage lifestyle.